That’s what parents and educators alike are saying about New World Youth Seminars (NWYS), which proclaims itself as “Life’s User Manual” for young adults.  NWYS has spent the last year conducting small workshops in the Houston area honing its courses and programs for graduating student’s 18 to 23 years of age.  I had a chance to speak with President and Founder of NWYS, Mr. Harrell who told me that this seminar was derived from the personal experiences he had with his own teenagers and said the messages and lessons are very close to his heart.  He said that when his own kids graduated and were faced with life choices, he was really surprised how little high school had prepared them for those choices.  Mr. Harrell says that since his kids graduated 10 and 7 years ago, the choices, opportunities and dangers have increased ten-fold.  He says that the curriculum in our education system has not caught up to the New World our kids are facing and must navigate.  

The seminar is a five day, high energy event filled with a who’s-who of speakers, trainers and coaches who specialize in working with young adults all over the country and internationally.  The event is broken up into a series of workshops, break-out sessions, comedy breaks and motivational segments that cover a wide range of topics from managing finances and interview skills to navigating social media and developing leadership skills.

Mr. Harrell says the objective of the seminar is to support and reinforce all the information young adults have received through education and parenting, while showing them how to apply that information in a practical way every day.  When a young adult leaves our seminar, we want them to see the world differently and we want them to see themselves being successful in it.  

We want to help them identify a clear vision of success
We want to help them organize the tools and information they will need to achieve that success We want to motivate them to take action towards that goal  

One parent said:

“I didn’t even recognize my son when he completed the workshop.  He had been out of high school for nearly a year with nothing to show for it.  Suddenly he went and got a job, is saving and investing his money and looks for ways to volunteer.  Best money we ever spent”.
Leslie H.
Houston, Tx.
                                                JAH, Daily Press