At NW Fence Builders we stand by the motto,"Our name is only as good as our reputation".  Like a fence post buried in concrete our business is built around a sturdy foundation of hard work and ethics.  

Our years of fence-building experience are here for you to tap.  Affordably, we have state-of-the-art skills at  your disposal.

Our mission at NW Fence Builders is to provide superior customer satisfaction and an overall pleasant experience from start to finish. We believe in the old fashioned ways of pleasing the customer and helping them meet their needs.  Honesty, is our process of keeping clients informed when decisions need to be made. We have knowledge in all aspects of the fence industry. We have molded our standards to what we feel best satisfies the customers needs and expectations. Therefore, we encourage you to shop, shop, shop, for the fence quote that fills your needs and meets your budget while adding into the equation all of the company‚Äôs attributes.

NW Fence Company is dedicated to providing our customers with an extremely high quality product no matter which type of fence you pick. Whether it be a Chain link, Custom Wood, Estate aluminum, Stockade, Post and Rail, Vinyl Railing, Deck, Pergola Or PVC Fence. We are a very knowledgeable company which can provide you with the information you may need as a homeowner to make an informed educated decision. The best feeling we can get at NW Fence Builders is the referral of a happy customer. Our customers know that a quality fence does not cost but in fact it pays.

We pride ourselves on having a warm and courteous staff that knows the importance of a human voice on the other end of a telephone as well as on the job. We are a very reachable company that listens to our customers needs. At the end of the day we are not trying to build an empire, we just want to build your fence.

For a free no obligation estimate to finally create your dream yard please call our office at 360-701-2386 or email at info@nwfencebuilders.com