At New York Acting School, we specialize in the art of acting, making movies, and the business of film and TV.  Learn the essentials of successful acting and how to star in a movie or commercial with our featured courses for film and television.  For the acting aficionado, we offer private coaching to tone up your professional expertise.  We work with all levels of students and all ages, from beginners to professional working actors.

Mark Stolzenberg, founder and director of the New York Acting School for Film and TV, has had a myriad of professional acting, writing and producing experience in feature films, television, and commercials.  Mark has starred in the likes of “Luggage Of The Gods,” " Her Alibi," "Breakfast In Bed," and "ALL MY CHILDREN," to name a few.  In addition to his contributions in the television and film industry, Mark co-wrote and stars in the Off Broadway stage show, "Pierrot & Pirouette."  Mr. Stolzenberg also currently has 3 feature film projects in development.

At New York Acting School we do commercials, monologues, scene study, improvisations and special exercises for the camera, among other things.  Our goal is to make you comfortable in front of the camera, and to make you look fabulous up on the screen.