Learning Disability College Counseling

New York Learning Disability Counseling was created to fill the growing need for integrated therapy and tutoring for college-age students with learning disabilities.  Our comprehensive services include, but are not limited to:

Tutoring for college courses, focusing on understanding not memorizing.
Preparation for critical tests, writing papers, and class participation.
Preparation for the often challenging transition from high school to college.
Assistance in choosing and applying for appropriate colleges.
Coping with the social and self-esteem pressures of life away from home.
Designing a success plan to maintain intellectual and personal growth.
Helping develop personal goals to motivate each college student.
Highly trained learning specialists combine subtle psychological approaches integrated with college tutoring sessions to motivate each LD student to attain his or her academic, personal, social and life goals.

We work with teams comprised of the college student and a learning specialist coordinating with parents under the supervision of the NYLDC’s director. Together they develop a personalized College Success Plan that will evolve into a career and life plan.

The highly successful strategy of Integrated Counseling

Our unique approach was developed by an educator who has taught skill-building courses to thousands of college students and directs a college’s highly successful program for students with LD. She holds a master’s degree and an advanced certificate in Counseling Psychology from New York University, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of New York, and holds certification as an academic coach for students with Learning Disabilities.

Her approach is to assess each individual, not only as a student, but as a whole person influenced by past experiences and aspiring to a happy and successful life. She believes each student with LD must break free of past discouragement (often because of bullying or ridicule) and start visualizing options for the future . Only then can they cope with the challenges of their learning disability and devote the time and energy they need to realize their academic potential.

The Director is a member of the American Counseling Association and has presented her works at many universities. Before establishing NY Learning Disability Counseling she was already in demand as an educational consultant for families whose children have learning challenges. The NYLDC will enable her to eventually multiply the number of families she can help and to train counselors to apply her methods in additional locations. She is also establishing a scholarship fund to subsidize exceptional students with LD.

To respect their thoughts, feelings and concerns, the Director values the involvement of parents. She shares their desire to prove that students with Learning Disabilities CAN find success — in college, and in life.

We are located in New York City, New York and serve Westchester, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island and Connecticut.

A personal College Success Plan will be developed by our Counselors for each college student, in consultation with the NY Learning Disability Counseling Center’s Director, the student, and his or her parents. Our Integrated LD Counseling approach will be customized to supplement whatever level of LD accommodations are available at the college or university your child is attending.

Our Counselors, all LD experts, will adapt their experience and psychological training to the individual needs and personality of each college student under their guidance. Their goal will be to overcome any negative experiences which inhibit self-confidence and to discover compensating personality, artistic, or intellectual strengths which can help the student find success not just in college but in life.

Counselor-Tutors will work with students two or three hours a week, tutoring class subjects and course assignments while reinforcing their students’ self-confidence.

Additional time is scheduled in the crucial first weeks of college on a critical test or a difficult assignment. Strategies or technologies will be utilized as appropriate to help each college student deal with his or her particular learning challenges.