The NYC Network Group is a leading NYC Real Estate Conference Event oganizer. The company was founded in 2005 by founder, Anthony Kazazis who started the company to fill a gap in the NYC Real Estate events industry "because at that time there was not a single NYC Real Estate event that catered to the entire NYC Real Estate Industry and all of the NYC Real Estate related professionals.

In 2009 a social networking component was added: The NYCNetworkGroup.com website by founder and creator Marc Becker, a multi-media professional who creates social networking websites, virtual and live events to promote companies and individuals in the New York City real estate and real estate related professions.

The NYC Network Group website is recognized locally and internationally as a source of up to minute New York City real estate news. The top ranked NYC Network Group at NYCNetworkGroup.com offers companies and individuals a collaborative experience where they can find news, events, leads -brand themselves and their companies and then participate with associate members to get information, and new business.

Currently the NYC Network Group will be offering several workshops on "Personal Branding" using the techniques of the social networking platform of the NYC Network Group as a major tool in a companies' or individuals' arsenal of social media tools.

The NYC Newwork group offers monthly networking events on a variety of topics in the real estate and real estate related industries.
In the coming year the NYC Network Group will add conferences in the banking, legal and career industries.

For more information contact:
Marc Becker
Public Relations Director