20 years ago a little place in Staten called Goodfella's Brick Oven Pizza was pioneering it's gourmet pizza chain and became the David to many a Giant Chain by winning national and then international acclaim with it's award winning Vodka Pie that soon became a national trend. Never waiting for something to happen the Cosentino brothers opened restaurants across the country and started the top pizza school now training the latest generation of pizza makers from around the world. The passion for pizza runs deep and the Italian desire to build things of stone and mortar got the best of them as they began filling orders for hand built brick ovens. From their orginal 8ft. cooking surface oven(one of the biggest if not the biggest in NYC) to adding a second 5ft. oven in the original store on Hylan Blvd. they continually looked for faster and better production to keep up with the demand. They even built a brick oven in the basement of one of their places just to handle delivery and a huge double opening oven in their Brooklyn restaurant to have 2 men dedicated to working the oven at all times. The latest advancement they are bring to the table is the first revolving deck brick oven with a patented  heated floor that burns both wood and gas cooking pizza at an easily  controllable and constant temperature. This is the ideal oven for Fast Gourmet Casual Pizza which is about to take the industry by storm. The idea is to prepare an incredibly delicious gourmet pizza in couple minutes made to order with some places already having customers design their own and even assemble the pie for cooking. With many places trowing their hat into the ring it will be interesting to see who the dominant players will be in the next couple of years.  This sure to be a huge segmant in the gigantic pizza segemnet. They have partnered with Kuma Forni of Italy to form the New York Brick Oven Company and produce the Inferno series revolving brick ovens for you.