The Author/Poet/Coach

Since the age of eleven, NaTisha has been expressing herself through poetry and credits the art form with opening the door for her to heal from many years of emotional abuse and a suicidal state as a teenager.  Now as an accomplished author and poet, NaTisha Renee uses her unmistakable voice, poetic expressions, and personal insight to help others open the door to their healing.

In 2005 NaTisha created Big Mouth Publishing and in 2006 released the novel Renegotiating Kayla.  Through the character Kayla Ross in her 2006 novel, Renee gave a glimpse into her understanding of intense emotional suffering.  
Renegotiating Kayla tells the story of an emotionally wounded and sexually abused woman who sets out to take her power back by renegotiating the hand she was dealt.  What’s the ultimate message?  Renee says, “You will never live an emotionally healthy life full of love and loving relationships until you confront past hurts, pains, emotions, suffering, and abuses.”  When asked of the goal, she responds, “To spark a shift in consciousness; for the wounded to move from seeing themselves as victims to seeing themselves as SURVIVORS!”  

Renee continues to spark a shift in consciousness using various mediums. In 2008 she became a Web/TV host and an online radio personality.  In addition, the poet uses her onstage persona “This Big Mouth with Love” formerly Big Mouth, to take on more socially charged agendas; talking to teens about education, promiscuity, and depression.

Most recently, Renee launched “Lyf” (Love Yourself First) Ministries: a mobile ministry, utilizing multiple platforms to reach out to emotionally wounded and scarred individuals seeking to initiate healing in their lives.  She actively promotes the idea of self-love on her online radio show and  on her "Road 2 Wholeness" blog.

NaTisha is currently writing a continuation to the book "Renegotiating Kayla" and is also working on a pocket size book on self-love.