Why Owens Burton Consulting?

There is no person or organization that is perfect. There is always room for improvement. The moment you think you or your business or your organization lacks the capacity to be better, you've made one of your most fatal mistakes.  

Nadine Owens Burton can help you bring the positive message of change and improvement to your business or organization.

Nadine Owens Burton is a born educator, whose presentation style ensures participants both learn and are entertained. She'll make your event a success or help you bring about improvement in your business or organization.

Workshop/Seminar Highlight -- The Power of CARE™

"What do you care about?  Does it show?  When you care it should show in the Choices you make, the Attitude you project, the Relationships you cultivate and the Effort that you exert."    -- Nadine Owens Burton, Creator of The Power of CARE™

The Power of CARE™ is a framework for examining the key issues in personal and professional improvement; more than just answers, it is a framework of the questions that each individual or organization must ask to evaluate ones mission and vision, and ones effectiveness in meeting both.  The Power of C.A.R.E. ™ can be used to examine any life situation and can be crafted as a short speech or extrapolated to a several day workshop/short course.  

The Power of C.A.R.E. ™ takes theories of Communication, Sociology, Psychology, Performance Management, etc to reinforce program goals and objectives and provide insight into the development of new strategies.  

For the purpose example, in a Power of CARE™ in Change Management Seminar,  the facilitator will expand upon the basic framework and include theories and activities that further enhance the participants knowledge and skill sets in the areas of group and individual motivation, social exchange theories, having influence as leaders, group efficacy and conflict & change  management.
Overview of Workshop Concepts

We show we “care” in the CHOICES we make, the ATTITUDE we project, the RELATIONSHIPS we cultivate, and the EFFORT we exert.  

As leaders, we must often lead people through various change processes and improvement efforts.  Showing we “care” about our team, our clients and our stakeholders means assessing our skill sets, acquiring needed skills, and recognizing both human and infrastructure resources to assist in the change process.    

Through this workshop participants will learn more about:


Goal setting and performance improvement through an introduction of Six Sigma
Deciding to be in Goal Mode rather that Gripe Mode

Once in Goal Mode – the steps of goal setting and attaining:  articulating, documenting, implementing, revisiting, reviewing and revising.

The importance of management (leadership) by fact.


The importance of continuous learning and gaining understanding of ones “customers” and stakeholders.

The power of supplementing ones aptitude with a positive attitude.

The importance of “Reframing” ones attitudes and opinions about clients, customers, stakeholders, etc; in order to optimize helping the agency/program towards its goals.


How to build relationships and the importance of teamwork.
Examining the concepts and theories of social exchange  and their impact in the leadership dynamic.

Examining the various ways we communicate & how communication either builds or strains relationships.

Examining generational biases and how to mitigate their negative influences in relationship building.

The importance of building community partnerships to aid in the development of strategies to assist families in moving toward self-sufficiency.


How to develop internal motivation and recognize the motivation triggers of others.  

How to develop that next step, the key to continuous quality improvement.

Change Management – recognizing the need for change and the proactive preparation necessary for successful change.

Time Management – effort discernment

Through an examination of these four areas, participants will give themselves both a litmus test of their commitment and effectiveness and a “wake up call” for needed improvements.

Current Project

Owens Burton Consulting is currently engaging in a crowd-funding project to raise capital necessary to accomplish its expansion goals.

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