The company Naimah Northstar, LLC and its brands are the brainchild of its namesake Naimah, and her business partner husband Roderick, known primarily by his pen name"Dr. Q."

Naimah Northstar LLC. is the Delaware based parent company of NaimahNorthstar.com, The Wonderful You, and Naimah Northstar Productions, which includes the P.R. department
responsible for relaying to the public all relevant news regarding the company.

Naimah is an Actress, Author, Celebrity Transformational Coach, and Producer of the Global  Naimah Northstar "Plug into the Wonderful You" Podcast.

You can view Naimah's IMDb Profile via this link:

To be added to our P.R. Mailing List or for Interviews please forward your requests to: news@NaimahNorthstar.com