Nalashaa is a software product development company specializing in partnering with ISV and system integrators.  Nalashaa helps to build an extended team offshore increasing your productivity and decreasing your time to market.  They help in extending your development workday to a 16 hour cycle with programming and analysts specializing in various verticals. A leader in custom product development, cloud mobility solutions, turnkey testing requirements and staff augmentation. Nalashaa brings in focus, efficiency and delivers product value from two global locations, New Jersey, USA and Bangalore, India.

We partner with companies at all stages, start-ups to established firms and work with them to take the engineering efforts to the next level. We help our customers build their extended team to increase their productivity and also quality while reducing their time to market and cost of engineering.

Our distributed Agile development methodology adheres to the principles of Agile Development Methodologies (ADM) like SCRUM, KANBAN (and others) and emphasizes the use of tools and metrics to successfully collaborate and measure productivity in a globally distributed development environment. In addition to enhancing the speed and agility, Distributed Agile brings in scalability and predictability to quality and product release based on tool-based measurement and management of metrics. Distributed Agile powers Nalashaa’s delivery process, enabling us to focus on delivering the highest business value to clients in the shortest time.


Our core team has a very strong Software Product DNA and has delivered over 200 products to more than 50 ISVs globally. With experience of working with ISVs, Nalashaa understands the importance of taking solutions to the market quickly without compromising on quality. Nalashaa teams work as seamless extension to our clients’ teams doubling their productivity and enhancing the quality of delivery.

As a development partner, we understand your business requirements and develop a competent product well suited to the needs. We aim to work together and deliver a great product built on requirements and infused with ideas.
Our Service offerings include

  * Product Engineering
  * Test Engineering
  * Infrastructure as a Service
  * Business Solutions
  * Staffing Solutions


Technology has become a necessity as opposed to a luxury. Clients need to cater to a dynamic consumer expectation which is adding to the complexity and making technology decisions all the more vital. Technology is a driver for business success, and making the right technology decision is aided by experience and business focus.

Nalashaa has experience in stable well as new- age, evolutionary technologies providing our clients a unique solution as per their needs.
Our technology offerings

   * .Net technologies
   * Java Technologies
   * LAMP Stack
   * Content Management & E-Business
   * MS Dynamics
   * SharePoint
   * Cloud Technologies
   * Mobility