Names In Lights make bespoke light sculptures, hand crafted just for you. In the shape of names, words, mushrooms and many other things.
The effect is extraordinary, it's as if rainbows have been harnessed to the rippling fire of the aurora and captured within blocks of crackled ice. It's the most captivating light show you'll ever see in your own home- yes, they're that good!
Truly unique, mesmeric creations with a genuine 'Wow!' factor. Your loved ones' name in vibrant, magnificent lights. But not just a name, we also make unique light sculptures to order, as well as "Air Bears" teddy lights.
For "word lights", individual letters are hand crafted, then assembled and cradled in a custom made presentation plinth of solid English oak.  
Better yet, you cannot source these brilliant creations anywhere else as they are unique to our studios.
Here at 'Names in Lights', first, we painstakingly carve each individual letter.  Next, we create our unique moulds.  Only then can we cast each letter individually in clear resin, and using a secret method developed in our studios, we carefully create our signature crackle effect.  This cleverly bounces the light around within each and every letter to maximise the refraction and amplify the beautiful, rainbow light.  Like the facets of a perfectly cut diamond, the end result is a scintillating play of glorious light and colour.
Even the handsome plinths display amazing attention to detail.  Each one is bespoke and tailored to your unique combination of letters or characters. Hand crafted from sustainably sourced solid English oak in "butchers block" style, each plinth is made from a mosaic of carefully matched end grains, then hand finished with organic wax.  Redolent of the care taken, they look, feel and smell wonderful. Each base is then finished with a scratchproof coating of traditional green baize.
This entire process is incredibly labour intensive, but the end result justifies all the careful hours of work.  Even the plinth is a thing of beauty that perfectly reflects and complements your choice of letters.