NancollasGreer are debt advisers and Insolvency Practitioners. We believe that an insolvency practitioner's role is as much about recovery and rescue as it is about advising on the last resort options of bankruptcy and liquidation. The trick is knowing which is the best option for those concerned, in any given circumstance.

Unlike many so called "insolvency factories" that rely on software to fit a square peg into a round hole, we rely on years of insolvency experience to produce creative, realistic and sustainable solutions to debt problems. Our licenced Insolvency Practitioner has 25 years experience advising individuals, sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, employed, self-employed, home owners and tenants on their options including IVAs, Bankruptcy, Debt Management Plans, CVAs, Liquidation and Administration.

We believe that it is important that anyone with debt problems is given professional advice that is tailored to their circumstances. NancollasGreer offer professional yet friendly advice on all aspects concerning personal and corporate debt problems.

It is our experience and passion for our work that sets us aside from other debt solution providers.

We will:

Consider all of your debt solution options.

Talk you through each debt solution.

Recommend the most appropriate debt solution for you.

Our debt advice is tailored to your individual circumstances; there is no “one size, fits all” debt solution at NancollasGreer.

Our initial consultation is free of charge, without obligation and entirely confidential. We will never pressure you into making a decision about how you wish to resolve your debt problems. We will actively encourage you to take time to carefully consider the options available to you before deciding on which route to follow.

We provide the right solutions if you have debt problems, removing the uncertainty, allowing you to move forward into a more financially stable future, unburdened from your debts.

As Licenced Insolvency Practitioners we are qualified and regulated to advise on all aspects of debt. Our licencing requirements demand that we offer fully independent advice on all options available. These options would include IVAs, Bankruptcy, Debt Management Plans, CVAs, Liquidation and Administration together with self help remedies. It is always our aim to try and provide you with a solution to your money worries that could see you or your company debt free in the manner most suitable for you.