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If you are looking for the best business phone system, there are some things that you should keep in mind. The primary thing is to identify the type of business phone system you need. For this you need to study the scale of business and the capacity to expend.
There are two majorly prevalent business phone systems in USA. These are the physical office telephones and the virtual phone service. The difference between the traditional landline office telephones and virtual phone service begins with the difference in handsets used. The physical phone service uses the wired or wireless landline setup, while the virtual phone service is dependent on mobile devices. The second difference is service based. While traditional business phone system depends on local service providers, cloud based VoIP system or the voice over internet protocol is dependent on the internet service provider.
The landline business phone system uses the analog public switched telephone network that is dependent on physical copper wiring. The landline also requires a hardware called the PBX that needs to be placed within the premises of the business setup to enable call transfers and directories. The system is a tried and tested old one and is very reliable. However, one of the problems of using landline phones is that with the proliferation of virtual telephony, most of the service providers are moving out of the system. This makes purchases and repairs very difficult at a later stage.
Meanwhile, virtual phone systems connect a wider group of people through a mobile or home phone. It enables call transfers, call forwarding, voicemail, call screening and online faxing. It also can have automated messages. Apart from this it also has features like video conferencing, call recording, call reports, ring groups, interoffice messaging, missed call notifications and directory assistance. This type of system is right for large scale call based businesses like the tele-caller business. However, the system is based on connectivity to the network and heavily uses up the data provided by the internet service provider.
Finally, when it comes down to choosing the right business phone system for your office you must consider your budget. Landline business phone system is reliable but not as cost effective as the virtual phone system. Landline business phones calls for a rental amount monthly over and above the cost of the calls made. They are mostly run by state-owned companies. When installing a phone system you should also consider the technical support that your business may require.
Vitel Global will host, manage, and maintain everything for you. All you need is to just focus on your project at hand, the communication part, we have it for you.
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