NanoQuantics, Inc. is an advanced materials company focused on developing sustainable solutions to environmental challenges. The company applies its proprietary technologies to opportunities in agricultural, mining, energy and defense markets.

NanoQuantics is developing earth-friendly products that will help increase plant growth and yields, retain water, decrease health hazards such as dust, and control erosion all which can lead to increased profits and decreased operational costs for businesses.

Along with water and sunlight, plants need many different nutrients found in soil to survive.  Our product, SOIL SENTINEL  helps the plant, soil and any fertilizer work together to keep the necessary balance of moisture and nutrients. This product was recently certified by the USDA as a 97% biobased product. This means SOIL SENTINEL exceeds their testing standards for being earth friendly.  The product is a perfect fit for organic production.

SOIL SENTINEL has also been cleared for use in the Federal Procurement Preference program which means it can help government agencies achieve their "green" objectives by replacing oil and petrochemical based polymers and chemicals.

Another primary focus of NanoQuantics’ proprietary biotechnology is dust and erosion control. We call this product DUST SENTINEL. Fugitive dust from unpaved haul roads at mining and construction sites can be costly in the water and fuel used to treat the problem. No compliance with dust regulations is also expensive. Aside from water, there are a variety of other soil stabilizing chemicals and materials that are being used for dust abatement. These include petroleum-based products, salts and brines.
Petroleum-based polymer solutions increase the demand on foreign oil and pose potential health and environmental risks. Salts and brines, though they are natural, have corrosive properties and can cause severe vehicle maintenance issues. Additionally, salts can cause harm to trees and other vegetation.

NanoQuantics' offers dust control and soil stabilizing products work safely and effectively by changing the physical properties of the soil with an all-natural additive that is beneficial to the environment and leaves no-carbon foot print.

NanoQuantics'  is located in the Appalachia America Energy Research Center in the Lonesome Pine Business & Technology Park. This innovative, LEED-certified production facility was established in 2010 and houses R&D laboratory space and a high bay area for commercial production.

For more details see www.nanoquantics.com. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter