Nanolive’s technology can offer unperturbed and hitherto unperceived insights into the living cell: no longer a need for any special procedures or intensive and time-consuming preparation. As no chemistry or marker is used at all, observations are completely non-invasive to the cell and allow resolving the cell’s parts down to sizes of 70nm. This discovery has been published in Nature Photonics in January 2013.The 3D Cell Explorer caters to this desire by displaying the cell in a completely new way with a comprehensive representation of its morphology. Since the cell is the basis of all life on earth, this is a major milestone in the history of microscopy, which may change all the rules in the fields of education, biology, pharmaceutics and cosmetics in labs and industry. The 3D Cell Explorer is based on an enabling technology that overcomes the limitations of light. Similar to a MRI/CT scan in hospitals for the human body, our product takes a complete tomographic image of the refractive index within the living cell. For the first time ever you can actually look inside the cell and discover its interior such as its nucleus and its organelles. Thanks to the 3D Cell Explorer, never again researchers will have to guess what happens inside a living cell. They will actually see and precisely measure the impact of stimuli and drugs on cells, thus enabling completely new fields of research and smarter products.
Nanolive just launched its brand new website: www.nanolive.ch including a direct web store and a cell gallery where to find more astonishing cell images and time-lapse movies http://nanolive.ch/cell-gallery/.
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