After more than 30 years in the construction management services including residential, commercial, restaurant, hotel and shopping centers, our CEO, David Howell, decided that warehouse construction was the future. It has now been over 18 years since Mr. Howell started National Constructors, Inc. National's first projects in South Florida started out as rental office and warehouse space in a stylish warehouse development. After leasing out his existing projects it dawned on him that people not only want to own their home but their business property as well. Knowing that most small business owners starting out could not afford a freestanding building, Mr. Howell became the pioneer in South Florida for the competitively priced, upscale warehouse unit you could own. His vision has become a reality and a major success story.

During the past 12 years, the concept became widely accepted by the small business owner and the demand has grown with more and more people opening their own companies. The developments have expanded to offer flex space, showrooms as well as warehouse units. The buildings are no longer the old image of an unsightly warehouse but rather a well-designed project that will reflect “success” for our customers.

With thriving projects throughout Florida , Mr. Howell has traveled the Country opening new “Condo Warehouses” in Georgia and Arizona with more to come.

In 2007, with the majority of National Constructor's business being Warehouse “Condo's” rather than leases, it was decided by our CEO to create a name to fit our image and our expertise. Thus, National Business Condo was chosen to be the umbrella for all of the projects that Mr. Howell is overseeing.