Mission Statement

Natural health Solution’s mission is to nurture, stimulate and love our clients unconditionally and help maintain wellness through a holistic approach to life. We acknowledge that our clients are part of this universe and need to be valued and given support that is designed to reverse or improve the imbalances in the body. Our commitment is to listen to our client’s health and life issues and offer reputable and sound nutritional advice to empower clients to become active participants in the wellness of their life.

A Few Words about Masoud Rastegar:

Masoud is a doctor of Naturopathy, a certified Natural Health practitioner, and a certified Colon Hydrotherapist by I-ACT, the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy. He also holds a Bachelor and Master of Science in the field of Electromagnetism. He has extensive training in Nutrition, Kinesiology, Natural Health Assessment, Practical Herbalism, and Natural Weight Loss. This unique background in natural health allows Masoud to assess and develop proper application specific to each client’s needs. Masoud is well accomplished in his field and happily shares his knowledge with anyone seeking a change in lifestyle while they are still enjoying good health or someone who is sick of being sick and tired.

A Few Words from Masoud:

“I’ve lived my life practicing a holistic approach to health and wellness and I am committed to apply what I’ve learned in this field to helping many people as many people as possible. I have seen miracles happen. Once a client knows that they have a partner and someone who really cares, the turn-around is almost instantaneous. I always say “the body is intelligent and is designed to do its best—all you have to do, is give your body what it needs to balance itself.” Together, it’s easier to achieve this mission through Good Health, Good Thoughts and Good Actions.”

The next logical step is to come see us for all your natural health needs. We offer many modalities to help our clients to bring their body into balance such as nutritional counseling, weight loss program, colon hydrotherapy or colonic, cleansing program for the entire body, foot bath detox, Chi energy device, Far Infrared Sauna, and Life style consultations. We also offer discounted vitamins and herbs, healthy snacks and drinks”. You are closer to that healthier you than you think!

Please note: We do not intend to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your primary healthcare provider.