Queen City Preparatory Academy’s mission is to provide students who are gifted artistically and athletically with individualized educational opportunities, performing arts and sports programs that will help them to utilize their skills and abilities to gain college acceptance, scholarships and pursue a dream or passion.  Our goal is to graduate 90% of our high school seniors and to have 90% of those graduates accepted into the colleges of their choice.

High student academic achievement is critical to the success of QCP’s program. QCP will offer an intensive college preparatory program in a small school environment integrating academics and performing arts, advisory/leadership, athletics and technology as tools to actualize the unique skills and talents of each student.  Honors courses are available in the following subjects:  English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Spanish.  Advanced Placement courses are available in Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, English 3 & 4 and US History.  Most good schools in the world have good, hard-working teachers; good leaders and actively involved parents. QCP has all of the above, and in addition, it aims to foster powerful learning that is:

Christian-based:  We will have a strong focus on the integration of the Christian faith in the educational experience. We seek to produce thoughtful, respectful, and well-educated students who think critically, express themselves well, and are committed to restoring strong moral leadership wherever they choose to live, work and worship.  QCP will provide a solid Christian education in a nurturing environment directed by professional godly educators. Our desire is to educate each student in all areas of academic achievement.

Authentic: Research shows students learn best when learning focuses on real world issues and problems. Adult mentors who guide QCP students at their outside internships connect their learning to the authentic world of work and community.

Individualized: Each student brings different learning styles, interests and levels of skill to school. Learning activities are personalized to fit each child to assure success.

Engaging: The curriculum is customized through projects which capture students’ interests and pique their curiosities.

Fun: When learning is fun, learners invest much more energy and imagination in getting through the hard parts.

Rigorous: While learning is interest-based and individualized, all learning must result in the mastery of basic skills such as reading, writing, mathematics, scientific reasoning, social reasoning and critical thinking. Specific skill standards are used to set student learning goals and provide performance feedback.

Naundra Taylor, MPA is the Executive Director of Queen City Preparatory Academy. Born in Detroit, Michigan, she earned a Masters of Public Administration degree concentrating in Non-profit Management from Wayne State University.   Mrs. Taylor has worked in both non-profit and for profit corporations.  She has a strong background youth development programs, fundraising and development, and grantmaking.  Mrs. Taylor's very diverse background and experience with non-profits will help to grow and strengthen this organization. She is committed to developing innovative programs to ensure that every child has a chance to gain college acceptance and is equipped with the necessary tools to be successful college students and athletes. Along with Tony  Taylor, Mrs. Taylor helped to establish Queen City Prep Basketball and Queen City Preparatory Academy as a vital resource for youth and their families.

Tony Taylor is the Head Coach for the Post-Graduate Basketball team and the Director of Sports and Programs.  Born in Marshville, North Carolina, his basketball career began at an early age as his extraordinary height at the age of 8 caught the media's attention.  Coach Taylor holds a bachelors degree in Sociology from Livingston College.  He played four years of college basketball and was a three time College All-American.  He played in the NCAA Elite 8 two consecutive years and played in the CIAA Championship Tournament game.  Coach Taylor also has professional basketball experience playing in the ABA for the Concord Thunder.  He has been coaching basketball for more than 8 years on the collegiate and high school levels.  Coach Taylor also has more than four years of experience as an Athletic Director and is responsible for managing all aspects of the basketball programs.  Tony Taylor founded Queen City Prep Basketball because of his love for the sport of basketball.  He understands the obstacles and barriers that many of our youth are faced with when seeking a higher education and it is Coach Taylor's goal to see that our youth are accepted to college and have no financial burdens in obtaining a college education.