Nautica Windpower LLC is a U.S. company formed in 2007. Its management and technical team possesses extensive experience in business formation, project management, high-tech product development and commercialization. The team includes engineers from the former DOE/NASA/industry team that developed the world’s first multi-megawatt wind turbines. Although Nautica Windpower is at an early stage in its commercial development, our goal is to become a manufacturer of wind turbines, specializing in the deep water offshore market through strategic partnerships in the wind industry . Our market focus in the U.S. is the mid-Atlantic to New England, the Pacific, and the Great Lakes states.

Nautica Windpower’s Advanced Floating Turbine (AFT) utilizes a U.S.-pioneered rotor and foundation system wholly different from any commercial technology on the market. The AFT is expected to produce electricity offshore at 7 cents per kilo-watt hour – a rate competitive with new fossil fueled power plants.   This patented design weighs less than a quarter of alternative deep water designs – i.e., those based on floating oil platforms.  As weight is a surrogate for major cost elements, this innovation cascades through the system, lowering costs for material, manufacture, maintenance, and deployment per component.  An installation method requiring no special vessels, ports, or equipment further improves the AFT’s deep water capability, allowing larger turbines that open up new wind resources for the U.S., including those beyond the sight from shore.

For additional information on Nautica Windpower LLC, please visit http://www.nauticawindpower.com .