Nclaves is a subscription-based software service that incorporates advanced digital technology and is delivered via an Internet connection.  Nclaves integrates three layers of connectivity into each private online enclave: a private network, the digital home, and external mobile communications.

Now a family can share photos, your calendar, activities and the family tree - all in one place, regardless of where they live. With Nclaves, each generation of a family can be connected online in a secure web-based private network. Families save money and time as they engage in multiple activities to provide family care and build family relationships.

The foundation is a private network, providing a private online family website to connect with family members and share activities. Younger family members can play brain games with seniors or grandparents to provide elder care, or explore family history and genealogy through the generations. Family events or a celebration can be planned, a family journal can be compiled, and the family news can be easily updated.