Ncrypto is a blockchain technology based innovation platform which helps businesses and private actors  to interact with  new crypto economy.

Ncrypto is a multicurrency tokenization platform, or integrated ledger/exchange/payment system that lets businesses and individuals easily secure, and cost effectively issue/exchange/trade crypto assets, both in Ncrypto`s and in external exchanges.

Ncrypto Wallet is a free, open-source, client-side multicurrency interface that allows one to interact directly with the blockchain, while remaining in full control of keys & funds.
Available as a web app and also has native Android and iOS apps. Smart and secure way to send and receive payments. Anti-fraud measures, support for operations with multiple transactions, build-in Exchange.

Decentralized Network
A decentralized network consists of peers that can run independently of each other. The power to transmit information is distributed among a network of servers, instead of being driven from one primary source. The NCRYPTO network does not depend on any single entity. The idea is to have as many independent servers participate in the NCRYPTO network as possible, so that the network will still run successfully even if some servers fail.

Money Transfer
When performing money transfers or currency exchange transactions, all transactions are recorded in a single ledger, but distributed on all computers of the network (the so-called ledger). The server initiating a transaction, in an arbitrary order, decides which nodes to entrust confirmation of a package of transactions or smart contracts.

Multicurrency Exchange
The platform has its own multicurrency exchange. It avoids the need for double / triple conversion and exchanges one crypto currency for another or for fiat, using, for example, a dollar account. In this case, the network itself will select the optimal exchange rate.

Module for the initial offering of tokens
A special feature of the platform is the availability of a separate module for the initial offering of tokens on the exchange for a more visual and simple "crowdsale". The business logic of the token or the rules of the "crowdsale" is formed by simply selecting the limiting conditions

Token prospectus
The additional block-the token prospectus-makes it easy to integrate the created token, the rules of carrying out "crowdsale" with the project's web page, and serves as a gateway for investors for carrying out payments by both crypto and fiat currencies.