NeatMindNeatLife believes that the mind is like any other space and needs to be decluttered to live a serene, happy life.
As a life coach, I know life is filled with complications. The idea is not to lose ourselves within them. In my life, I've survived the death of my father as a young child, the death of my mother as an adult, the births of my two wonderful children, a divorce, heart break, new love and everything in between. During the lows my attitude was grim but I never lost hope. My belief was and is grieve then heal ... the healing always comes, and with it strength. I am the power within myself. I can't control others or all situations. But I can control myself and my reactions.

Often times we lose sight of ourselves and the important things. In a world that has so much to offer, simplicity seems strange. Through strength and endurance, you can conquer your life, manifest your dreams, be true to yourself and live the life you envision.

A coaching relationship is personal, positive and fulfilling. The objective is to help you create the life you want to live. NeatMindNeatLife will guide and help you focus on the most important component of your life: YOU.