Nebula Systems specializes in the development of advanced cloud technologies for the automotive and connected car industries

The company was formed in 2013 in direct response to the growing need for cloud access to vehicle data.

We make vehicle systems and data more accessible, so that a vehicle’s health, status, and operation can be monitored, analyzed, diagnosed and maintained, faster and more effectively than ever before - anytime and anywhere

We’re passionate about developing innovative cloud solutions for the connected-car industry and our multi-awarding winning MECH5 platform represents the core that drives existing and new products and services for:

•     Fleets
•     Usage-based Insurance – UBI
•     Rental companies
•     Car sharing
•     Roadside assistance companies
•     Garages
•     Telematics service integrators

Our products and services simplify the process of leveraging OEM data from the connected-car which in turn allows our partners to monetize new and exciting business models or create new products for their customers.

Core Products and Services:

Complete remote vehicle diagnostics in the Cloud:

Our secure MECH5 Cloud platform enables clients to remotely access any and all OEM level vehicle data (PIDs) & error codes (DTCs) with diagnostic information, component activation and ECU programming.

Empowering telematic hardware companies:

To gain deep access to OEM level data, vehicle telematics hardware companies can benefit from combining our unique NC1701 telematic chipset into their hardware designs. The NC1701 chip gives partners the ultimate flexibility and ease of access to OEM vehicle data by using a unique VIN specific Nebula Config File that contains the instructions to read PID sets from any OEM ECU on virtually any car.