The mission of Negotiatebills.com is to empower consumers with knowledge and
assist them in regaining financial control of their lives.

An individual’s financial situation can easily be destroyed by loss of employment, a death in the family, unexpected circumstances, or a few bad choices. We are committed to helping our clients avoid bankruptcy and offering them an honorable way to resolve their debt. Our debt settlement program is tailored to each individual’s financial needs. We analyze their debt situation, provide them with their best debt settlement options, and educate them so they may continue to live their lives DEBT FREE.

The Co-Founders of NegotiateBills.com recognized this opportunity when together they conducted a study on the rapidly growing potential market for Debt Resolution Services nation-wide due to the economic downturn.  As a result of the study, they realized that there was a void in the industry for a customer-centric, cost-effective, and national solution provider.  NegotiateBills.com Inc. is positioned to become the premiere national provider of Debt Resolution Services targeted to the growing national population of consumers in deep financial distress.  NegotiateBills pricing model, quality service, best practices, and innovative products and services will revolutionize the debt industry as we know it.

NegotiateBills.com Inc. a privately held company headquartered in Sunnyvale California founded in 2006 that  is "Negotiating Your Financial Future" by enabling consumers to achieve financial freedom through attorney managed debt resolution, unsecured business debt negotiation, debt arbitration,  tax settlement and debt management.  NegotiateBills.com is a BBB Accredited Business and is has achieved Silver ranking from Debt Consolidation Care.   For more information, visit www.negotiatebills.com or call 888-703-3287.