Flexibility, Ambition, Experience: these are the main characteristics of our team.

Nesite combines the competence of a structured organization with the ease of adapting typical of an quick and dynamic environment; the sole purpose of our flexible approach is the customer satisfaction.

In a context of strong competitiveness at a global level, we daily try to improve our processes: our ambition makes us look for new goals in order to achieve the excellence.

The experience gained in recent years enabled the brand of the TGS group to carry out very important projects, both from a technical and qualitative point of view: for almost half a century Nesite have been standing out in their field for the high quality and the wide range of products.

The Nesite brand is exclusive property of Transpack Group Service SpA.

The TGS Group operates in the field of the industrial packaging and logistics and it is positioned in an upper-middle segment of its market, giving special focus on quality and customer service.

This position corresponds to Nesite’s philosophy: offering the best raised floors, paying special attention th performance and high product specialization.

The TGS Group has started an internationalization process too creating Floor System Company, the associated firm operating in the UAE since 2009, which promotes the Nesite brand throughout the Middle East and the Far East.

The other companies of the group operating in the packaging and logistics sector are Effetil and Transpack.