The Nessbo system was designed and programmed after many years of collaboration between suppliers and people in the software industry. Through these combined efforts, Nessbo has achieved a maximum performance and an optimal user interface. Working with the system is easy, intuitive, and user friendly.
Nessbo means innovation. Nessbo is the next generation solution for the electronic components trade,and our resources include over 50,000 email addresses of suppliers and customers from all over the world. It makes it possible to collect and deliver the most competitive prices to our customers.
Nessbo is much more than just ecommerce. We are your personal assistant, helping you manage your business. Nessbo is different from anything you have ever known. We are a unique system that enhances the work of suppliers, franchisees, and purchasers in the world of electronic components.
Nessbo is a combination of a Customer Management System with a B2B ecommerce system, which is comprehensive, accurate, and extremely easy to use.
 The Nessbo solution is a groundbreaking development in the fast-moving and extremely competitive electronic components business.