Net Health provides data driven, user centered, and collaborative online programs to educational and medical organizations that need to sharpen the knowledge of physicians and other health care providers. We create effective education that is inspired by physician collaboration and cutting edge Web functionality.

We've been at it for over a decade.Yes, we were around long before anyone coined the term Web 2.0. But the systems we designed in our early days were a forerunner to the current craze in online collaboration and user generated content.

We're data driven with clinical reports supplied by physicians and other practitioners who participate in the performance improvement programs we develop. This user generated content resides in secure databases that are flexible and easy to expand.

Our programs are user centered because we work directly with top physicians to design Websites that truly improve clinical outcomes. Our systems provide follow up questions that probe for deeper answers and provide information that's tailored to specific weaknesses.

Collaboration defines our programs because we facilitate communications that advance learning among health care professionals.

Cookie Cutters are for Baking, Not Medicine.

What we provide to customers today goes way beyond the cookie cutter solutions you'll see from many CME software vendors. There's no way we could sleep at night knowing a physician you work with was gritting her teeth through some ill conceived Website that replicated something originally designed for another medical organization.

Think of NetHealth as your partner. We're there at the start, when you're struggling to perfect the educational design. We work directly with your members to make sure the programs we develop respond to their unique needs. And we are there after program launch to support you and your members through any and all usage problems that might come up.

Getting it right really matters to us. Nothing less than the future of the health care system is at stake. And we mean that.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and hear what we have to say. We'd love to speak with you more about your particular needs. Please provide detail of your current project needs on our information request form. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Our Areas of Expertise Include:
Web-based practice improvement modules
Incorporating our Web based solutions into your quality improvement and performance improvement projects can reduce the resource burden of collecting, managing, analyzing, and reporting clinical data.

Online learning / CME courses
NetHealth works with you to design evidence-based online CME and other learning programs that produce changes in medical practice and sustained gains in knowledge that are comparable or superior to those realized from live activities.

Web-based education tracking
The NetHealth TRACKER database provides a secure online environment that enables you to eliminate paper sign-in sheets, generate program rosters and contact lists, monitor training history across multiple programs, and report more valuable results to government agencies and other stakeholders.

Maintenance of Certification Programs
Are you struggling to develop an effective online system for meeting medical education goals such as those set by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Maintenance of Certificate® program?

NetHealth Web consultants have extensive experience coaching ABMS Member Boards and other medical societies to develop custom education and assessment programs to improve physician performance.

Content managed websites
NetHealth has a deep level of experience delivering valuable Web sites to leading heath care institutions like yours and we have the technical sophistication to make your site extremely useful and engaging.

Why We Work in Medical Education Technology

Improving the quality of health care is a necessary but daunting task. The people of NetHealth would like to personally thank you for taking up the challenge! We are excited about the opportunity to partner with you and develop highly attractive and effective health care education programs.

Based on our experience working with leading providers such as the University of Pennsylvania and Case Western Reserve Medical Schools, we know what it takes to create evidence-based programs that make a difference.

Like you, we also know that making a difference in the education of health care providers ultimately means that patients will see a benefit.

If we have the good fortune of working with you, we will delve deeply into the specifics of how our Web technologies will deliver the promise of your programs. But it is this focus on the patient that truly gets us out of bed in the morning.