NetMotion Mobility XE is a software-only Mobile VPN designed to integrate quickly into the existing enterprise infrastructure.

A Windows server based product, it allows organisations to deploy existing LAN based applications securely and rapidly to tens, hundreds or thousands of mobile clients.  The focus is on security, applications performance, productivity and management control of mobile devices and their use, making coverage gaps and poor wireless connectivity unintrusive to both applications and end-users.  

The objectives our customer base typically have for their mobile and wireless users is to address issues in achieving productivity for key employees in the field with mobile devices accessing enterprise systems. The challenge is to do this in a way that meets objectives of security, usability, control and reliability over variable quality of different wireless links.

We are currently actively working across  financial services, utility, field force, sales force, health, government and police accounts, accelerating the uptake of mobile data applications on Vista, XP and Windows Mobile/Smartphone.    

NetMotion Wireless is recognised by industry analysts as the market leader in the Mobile VPN category.   Mobility XE 7.0, released in June 2006 was the first VPN to be certified by Microsoft as a “Designed for Windows Mobile” solution for Windows Mobile Smartphone  (in addition to Microsoft Mobile2Market® certification). Mobility has also obtained RSA Secured® technical certification with RSA SecurID® two-factor authentication technology, and is FIPS 140-2 validated  

You already know the benefits of giving workers in the field real-time access to mission-critical applications. The problem many executives run into is that those enterprise applications were not written with wireless users in mind; dropped connections lead to application crashes, lost data, and worker frustration and inefficiency.  

NetMotion Mobility is designed to allow you to extend  existing applications to work in the wireless world in a way that does not intrude on staff productivity. It is designed to do this without having to invest in individual application upgrades or rewrites, and without having to retrain workers.

*Empower workers at the frontline point of activity* - wirelessly enable existing applications, without modifications. The NetMotion Mobility server resides behind the firewall on the network, and manages secure connections between the enterprise application servers and mobile users. To applications, it appears that users are on the local network.

*Free employees from the complexities of wireless* With Mobility workers can roam across networks, traverse dead spots in coverage and even suspend and resume devices, all without losing data or logging in again. And they can serve customers  using any type of IP connection: cellular data services, wireless hotspots, dial-up connections, corporate wireless networks or conventional wired LANs.

*Reduce costs*. The in-built link optimisation and compression sharply reduces the traffic that traverses expensive wireless cellular links, speeds-up transmission and makes applications more responsive in the field. And the optional policy management module can be used to restrict web-surfing, file transfers and other high-bandwidth traffic, keeping them on lower-cost networks. Mobility is designed to reduce overhead costs and realize a faster return on investment.

We have designed NetMotion Mobility to address these key aspects of mobility with a mobile user focussed approach to offer a more complete answer for enabling wireless connectivity for any existing LAN-based application - without modification:  
    # Straightforward Installation, ease of deployment and ease of use
    # Ensure Critical Applications are Always Available : Protection Against Lost Connections and Application Crashes
    # Access and Roam Seamlessly Across Multiple Networks
    # Mobile Network Access Control (NAC)
    # Capacity to Scale Up Easily for a Growing Mobile Workforce
    # Automatic Use of the Fastest Available Connection, Faster Application Performance Across Lower-Bandwidth Networks
    # A Secure VPN Built For Roaming Users
    # Policy Management enforced at the client by device, network or application
    # Analytics to offer management reports and alerts

In addition to Network Access Control (NAC) and our Analytics module (the unique Mobility XE Analytics Module delivers visibility into resource use and performance that is simply unavailable in other VPNs) Mobility XE also offers QoS using traffic shaping techniques to allocate bandwidth available to the Mobility VPN tunnel to the appropriate applications. Traffic shaping can make a significant performance difference on low-bandwidth networks, like cellular. Mobility XE also enables Voice and Video using Packet Loss Recovery techniques to tolerate high packet loss and provide quality VoIP or video.