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Do you know what the business you are
looking to buy or sell is really worth?

NetWorth provides a FREE 33+ page written
evaluation report for our clients.

Featuring BIZCOMPSĀ®

BIZCOMPSĀ® 2007 is an annual study of over 9,600 actual
businesses sold totaling over $2.3 billion dollars

The number one mistake buyers and sellers make when purchasing or selling an existing business is paying too much or selling for too little. Do not let this potential financial disaster happen to you. At the very least, you can minimize your chances of making a poor financial decision by getting accurate information.

The smart buyer or seller will normally use more than one method in valuing a business. Your immediate goal if you are looking to value a business for sale should be to come up with a price from which the buyer and the seller can begin negotiations.

After NetWorth has completed your evaluation, you will receive a print out on paper to show to your bank, accountant, prospective buyers or anyone else you choose the estimated value of the business and the exact procedures used in determining that value.

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