NetZoom Europe provides European support, sales and professional services for the Altima Tech product family.

Altima Tech, a Chicago-based software vendor develops solutions used as the emerging standard in network diagramming, designing and documentation. Founded in 1995, Altima continues to build on its decade-long experience in developing NetZoom, a software tool for designing, diagramming and documenting networks, data centres and audio/video equipment. NetZoom offers information and Microsoft Visio stencils for over 120,000 hardware products, from over 4,000 manufacturers.

Our values

At NetZoom Europe, our core values guide us in delivering excellent customer service. At all times, we:

   * work to the highest professional standards;
   * listen to our customers, partners and suppliers;
   * are adaptable, offering pragmatic solutions that deliver tangible value;
   * are committed to helping our customers save time and money.