Netformx automates the end-to-end process of designing networks and enables collaborative workflows within and across organizations. Service providers, systems integrators and manufacturers use Netformx Solutions worldwide to transform enterprise customer requirements into deployable network solutions.

Our data-driven, rules-based software moves customers through an orderly process of designing, configuring, quoting and proposal generation. Our Solutions are supported by the world’s most extensive centralized, multi-vendor KnowledgeBase of network equipment and services, configuration and validation rules.

Netformx Solutions enable you to maximize valuable sales, support, engineering and provisioning resources. Whether you are creating or managing simple networks or providing complex IP-VPN, MPLS and Managed Services, Netformx Solutions help you:

Accelerate the opportunity-to-cash cycle by streamlining processes

Improve revenue generation by helping you identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

Increase efficiencies of designing and proposing solutions through higher productivity of valuable and often scarce resources

Facilitate collaboration among all stakeholders - including the customer - based on repeatable, manageable processes and quickly demonstrating real time “what if” design scenarios

Create a validated network blueprint, which becomes a common language among all stakeholders and the basis for evaluating the current network and identifying future modifications

Enhance end-user satisfaction by providing customers with more accurate, highly detailed and professional customer documents in a fraction of the time it used to take