Network Help Ltd

My name is William, my idea for Network Help as a business is to keep things small and manageable, you deal with me, you call me, I do the support, i do the work.

Honest, direct, simple. I make sure you understand it, and you can manage it, the better you feel about it, the better it will work for you.

My business plan is simple, 20 clients, thats it. That means you get 1 Day a month of my time. Personal contact, so if there is a problem, I talk to you, and you are aware I am helping another client. In todays world we all need to work with each other to survive.

Do you know what is happening on your network? I have designed a system that will monitor your network, and provide me with the ability to manage your network, even when your Internet connection is down.

Network Help, my philosophy is simple. The less you need me the better I am at doing my job. Lets face it, the less you need support, the better.