The development of decoders and software applications for vehicles has been our focus for the past five years. Our project lead has developed J1708/J1587, J1939 and OBD2 decoders for several products that are currently used in the telematics industry. Our decoder has been developed to address the shortcomings that we have seen in the field. In the past, we have needed to hardwire connections to turn signals, brake switches and ignition systems because these protocols did not have the data available.

OBD2 was never designed for telematics use. You cannot extract data from an OBD2 system reliably faster than about 100 parameters / second before you start interfering with the operation of the car.

The UCAN decoder is a combination of active and passive scanning to extract data from a vehicle in real time.

Our passive decoding scheme provides better performance, improves safety, and gives both more detail and greatly increased volume of data than OBD2 only systems can provide.