Neuropecomm is a well-established Marketing & Communication agency located in Barcelona specialised in achieving companies marketing goals, brand awareness and target audience.

Initially Neuropecomm was a local company working with local companies, but with more and more international companies selecting Barcelona as another location for their global offices, Neuropecomm immediately started expanding their services to meet their clients’ needs and now offers full marketing and communications services in four languages: English, Spanish, Catalan and Russian.

Our added value is our ability to understand our client’s ideas and transform them into the right messages using the correct channels to capture their desired audience. Not only we create what they have envisioned, we assist as well in the brainstorming of new ideas to explore potential areas not yet discovered.

We are specialised in finding our clients key differentiations and exploring and expanding the right message to their audience, thus reducing visibility to non-target audience, saving precious time and money spent in analysing non-interested audience.
The ability to have the flexibility to adapt to sudden changes needed last minute is one of our assets much appreciated by our clients.

Our range of services start from creative content either for companies press releases, corporate and online communications as well as the right SEO content necessary to make their website as visible as possible within the search engines. Neuropecomm is specialised in advertisement throughout the available platforms either online (paid advertisement in key point webpages) or offline (print, radio, TV).
In situations when companies reach out to us without a solid marketing plan, we then get in touch with our Marketing & Media Planning team where the client is carefully listened so that we can then elaborate and propose an ideal marketing plan for them.

With the internet playing gradually a more important role, we also have a team that takes care of our client’s social image to respond to their consumers’ online. Bear in mind that our team in constant ongoing training to keep up with the latest internet trends

Whether you are looking for a one off solution campaign of a complete integrated marketing plan of action, Neuropecomm is the agency you can count on in Barcelona.