New Horizon Promotions gives home improvement brands the results they need with unique and personalized campaigns for their exciting new products. Committing to teamwork and goal-setting ensures that our company can accomplish anything. At New Horizon Promotions, our goals include finding creative and innovative new ways to market our clients’ products.

This means looking outside the box of average advertising measures, such as radio ads and direct mail. With these generalized and impersonal methods, success can only be measured by the consumers that make a purchase. With our personal and direct approach to advertising, clients can be assured that their products are reaching a far wider network.

By owning the goals of our clients, New Horizon Promotions considers each client success as our own, furthering our success rate. Each new team member is trained in the same way, allowing us to work cohesively toward the goal of understanding our clients’ needs and finding new ways to approach their brand representation.