New Jersey Repertory Company is a professional non-profit theater located a few blocks from the Atlantic Ocean in Long Branch, NJ.  We produce 6-7 plays and 25+ script-in-hand readings year round, within two performance spaces:  a 62-seat theatre and 50-seat studio.  

NJ Rep is committed to the development and production of new plays so as to make a contribution to the repertoire of the American stage. The theater does not adhere to any specific style, or specific social or political message, but rather it embraces all voices and seeks to expand the boundaries of theater. We seek a new vernacular and a new theatrical language to explore a world where man is increasingly cut off from his religious, metaphysical, and transcendental roots.

We have been considering for a long time whether the current conventions of theater as an art form are sufficient to confront the daunting ethical, social, political and economic issues that we face today in America and the world. It is our feeling that much of today's theater is too slick and too commercial. We seek to de-evolve to the basics where text is paramount and where there is a constant search for emotional truth and social relevance, and where theater is not used as an anesthetic.