NewLeaf Chocolates is a unique on-line premium and artisan chocolate shop with an earth-friendly approach.  We work to provide wonderful chocolate while protecting the planet in these tangible ways:

1) We emphasize organic and fair-trade chocolates in our offering.
Each product listing on the site has a description of the “Planet Positives”
associated with it to allow customers to make smart choices.

2) We have developed the GreenPod™ sustainable shipping system that
uses all plant-based materials that are recycled, recyclable or
compostable.  Even in the summer, no Styrofoam coolers are used to ship chocolate.

3) As a member of 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of all sales to
environmental charity.

4) We offer bicycle delivery to local zip codes.  While this doesn’t
help all our customers nationally, it is a small contribution towards
reducing our carbon footprint.