As a Pre/Post Natal exercise specialist I hear the frustrations of losing pregnancy weight all the time from new moms. So after years of helping women, I decided to create a DVD series for new moms to take off the baby weight. I wanted it to be REALISTIC!! It's a complete system broken into three phases so that the women can advance at their own pace. Each phase has three new, 30-minute, full body workouts so you don't get bored and never hit the dreaded plateau! It also comes with a nutritional manual written by a dietitian/nutritionist who specializes in pre/post natal women. Also included are quick cardio workouts that emphasize intervals for the most effective fat-burn in the shortest amount of time. Women love the fact that the DVDs advance at their own pace. This helps them feel successful instead of defeated like many hard-core DVDs might do.

I'm getting excellent reviews and feedback from the women who have done New Mommy Makeover!  In fact, many women who aren't "new" moms have responded that it works great for them too!  New Mommy Makeover was recently reviewed in Fit Pregnancy Magazine as one of the top Postnatal exercise DVDs.  It is currently nominated for the 2011 SheKnows.com Parenting Awards.