The Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff is the noted founder of New Thought International, Inc. & New thought Institute of New York (An Association of Global Centers for World Peace and Enlightenment)...presenting  original books, talks, radio shows, and ongoing Articles on Higher Consciousness themes.
Dr. Linda was honored to receive her Doctorate of Divinity at the United Nations 50th Anniversary, in recognition of her stunning evolutionary series of books on Global Divine Consciousness.  
Thus far, books available on Amazon.com and other familiar on-line sets include:
"Bridge of the Gods ~ A Handbook for Ascending Humanity, The Golden Pathway to Your Highest Self!", " Living The MIracle Consciousness, Attaining the Kingdom of Greatest Eternal Good ~ Heaven on Earth!", Divine Prosperity ~ 12 Steps to Your Perfect Consciousness of Infinite & Eternal Supply!", "Songs of Eternity ~ Contemplations, Treatments & Meditations on the Word of God!", and Divine Romance & Perfect Partnership ~ The Immortal Principles and Powers of Divine Love!
In all the books, comprising her Global Divine Consciousness Series, Dr. Linda De Coff touches every condition of life with astonishing clarity and luminosity, providing enlightening keys for the reader on how to raise yourself every day in every way to become the Divine Plan fulfilled.