Welcome to New York Psychic

Hello my name is The Messenger and I’m a New York Psychic medium located in New York. I’ve created this site to help those in need, whether it is information on psychic topics or issues in your lives. Many people throughout history with psychic gifts have helped humankind and I will do the same. Here you’ll find many free articles, which will help you, understand many topics dealing with the psychic arena, but I feel that ultimately this site can help you become more aware of the gift that has been given to all of us. I myself was in your position not too long ago, and now I’m a changed human being. It is my hope that you’ll have the same experience one day. By day I’m an investment banker on Wall Street and have been doing it for over 12 years, but it’s the Spiritual life that has made me whole and fulfilled. My real name is Jesse Bravo and I'm here to help you.
New York Psychic Readings

Readings are made in person or on the phone. Readings are made on either an hour or half hour basis..If you would like to make an appointment click here Many people ask what a readings entails, so I’ll explain the dynamics as to leave no questions unanswered. Readings are held in a quiet comfortable safe place, as psychics require a calm quiet environment in order to receive impressions. The readings allows me the new york psychic to get intone with your energy, and when that is done, information is revealed to me by your loved ones, guides, angels or friends from the other side. In the realm of spirit many things are revealed in order to help you through your tuff times. You can make an appointment here. Readings are a great way to get answers to your many questions of life, love and happiness.
New York Psychic Development

Inquire within in order to further understand your psychic development. I have knowledge of many places here in NYC that has established intuitive arts educational programs, courses, workshops, etc. These programs are designed to train and prepare individuals to become certified to practice in the various holistic professions. These training programs currently include Psychic-Mediumship Development, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki and Intuitive Counseling. These programs also help you develop your psychic abilities, which will enable to help people’s lives. Come to our Nyc Seances held once a week.