Celebrating 10 Years of Service to the Greater New York Area 1999 - 2009!

26,000 + Successful Events - 14,000 + Satisfied clients! We look forward to being of service for the next decade and BEYOND - THANK YOU!

From high "white glove" formal to "cook out" casual, Anytime/Anywhere you want to add the classic touch that turns any gathering into an event.

Professional Waiters, Bartenders, Light food prep., etc., NOT Models - Actors - Amateurs

Country Clubs - Private Homes - Corporate locations - Yachts - Galleries - Restaurants

New York City / Long Island / New Jersey / Westchester - Rockland / S. Connecticut / BEYOND!

www.HaveTuxWillTravel.com is a specially recruited organization of waiters, bartenders, chefs, and other hospitality professionals with many years of experience providing dedicated service in some of the finest country clubs, restaurants, corporate locations, hotels, yachts, galleries, and private homes in the Greater New York Area. We are ready and available to serve you in the same grand style. Whether we're serving a casual gathering of friends and family, a gala social event, heads of state at a formal dinner, or, the most important VIP's of all: YOU AND YOUR GUESTS AND/OR MEMBERS, we have the skills and flexibility to ensure the success of your event. Why risk the service presentation to amateurs or moonlighters? We have the unique combination of experience and adaptability to make professional recommendations and/or perform to your precise directions while you are free to devote your full attention to your objectives for entertaining, or just relax and be a guest at your own party. Your impeccably groomed staff (from 1 to 100 in tuxedo attire or your choice of theme) will set up, deliver a stunning presentation and leave the event location in pristine condition, sparing you the "morning after" remains.

CATERERS AND CLUB MANAGERS: In the best of financial times it can be difficult to maintain your usual standards with the "on call" waiters and bartenders since they probably don't do that type of work full time. The agencies you've tried send out people who lack experience and polish, or don't quite seem to exhibit the professionalism and cooperative attitude you've developed and have come to expect from your in-house staff. We understand. We've worked with many of them for other agencies. What can you expect from us? SERVICE / NO NONSENSE. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find that our standards frequently exceed your own. Even in these challenging economic times your board still expects and demands that you provide professional service at reasonable labor cost, NOT excuses about the economy, but YOU know that the reality is that no one can "beat any price" and still provide service that meets your standards. Our already competitive rates can be negotiable in consideration of things such as frequency of assignments and exclusivity so you can continue to maintain the level of service your members trust you to provide, yes, even in these difficult times. You can confidently staff your events with reliable experienced people with a single phone call, and complete your payroll writing a single check.

Working at varied locations and circumstances develops a certain versatility, but the importance of good grooming and a genuine enthusiasm for the work doesn't change. It travels with us right along with our tuxedos and professional skills to every location and event that we've been invited to ply our trade. Is it really hard to find "good help"? Not anymore. The next time you find yourself in need of a full crew, a supplement to your present staff, or just an "extra pair of hands", the positively finest professional waiters, bartenders and other private catering and restaurant personnel, and (if I do say so myself), some of the finest people you'll ever work with are only a phone call or e mail away.

718-898-"WAIT" (9248)