Newhaven Display is a US based display manufacturer and specialist with a global presence. Our team of engineering experts works hard to deliver efficient and reliable results with friendly, personalized service. Our goal is to be the most trusted supplier in the display industry by providing top-quality products, services, and custom design solutions to customers worldwide.

For over 20 years Newhaven Display has been one of the most trusted suppliers in the digital display industry. We’ve earned this reputation by providing top quality products, services, and custom design solutions to customers worldwide. With numerous expansions in both our workplace and capabilities over the years, we’ve managed to grow our business and our expertise while maintaining a personal touch. When you work with Newhaven Display you can count on efficient, professional, and reliable service every time.

Newhaven Display customers enjoy a 7-point advantage by using our products:

1.) PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE: Our staff consists of industry experts with a clear focus on current display technologies being developed for the North American marketplace.

2.) GLOBAL DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS: Utilizing our global partner/supplier relationships, our customers enjoy the most basic display solutions to highly complex turnkey solutions. We offer one of the largest supplies of standard displays in the industry.

3.) COST EFFECTIVE PRODUCTS: Our high quality products are manufactured in state-of-the-art ISO certified factories.

4.) TIME TO MARKET: Our expedited lead times allow customers to go from product idea to actual production faster than anyone else in the market. We maintain this speed by offering JIT/MRP programs.

5.) TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Our Engineering Department provides high quality hardware and software design support.

6.) US ENVIRONMENTAL TESTING: Our US facility in Elgin, Illinois offers state-of-the-art temperature, humidity and vibration testing.

7.) VALUE-ADD SERVICES: In addition to modifying displays, we offer custom plastic injection molding, metal stamping and complete assembly productions.