We provide solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge. Our approach focuses on new ways of business combining IT innovation and adoption while also leveraging an organization's current IT assets.We work with large global corporations and new generation technology companies - to build new products or services and to implement prudent business and technology strategies in today's dynamic digital environment.


Java is an object-oriented programming language that solves many of the complexities like pointers, memory allocation, multiple inheritance, etc. of the erstwhile languages. It is a portable language, and programs compiled in it run without recompilation on Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, UNIX and other platforms. Being a mature language it can be used to write the entire standalone or server applications. Because of its reliability, maintainability and ease of development, the language has emerged as a dominant platform for modern software development.


Microsoft ..NET Technology Provide completes Environment for Developing Application System (presentation layer, Business Logic and Data link layer). And by which we can implemented any Architecture such as one, two, three or n-tier Architecture.

The .NET Framework is a part of modern Microsoft Windows operating systems, which provides a large system of pre-coded solutions to common program requirements. It manages execution of programs written specifically for the framework. The .NET Framework is intended to be used by most new applications created for the Windows platform.

C / C++

Originally, the ā€˜Cā€™ programming language was developed for and implemented on the UNIX operating system. One of the remarkable features of the language is that it is not tied to any particular hardware or system. This makes it easy for a user to write programs without any changes so that they can run practically on all machines. C is often called a middle-level language as it combines the elements of high-level languages with the functionalism of assembly language. C allows the manipulation of bits, bytes and addresses- the basic elements with which the computer functions. Another good point about C is its portability which makes it possible to adapt software written for one type of computer to another. C was created, influenced, and field tested by working programmers


In today's IT driven world where business processes are being automated through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) management system, ERP modules have emerged as some of the most popular option as an automotion product. They provide an relevant information dashboard to the decision makers of companies through which they can access corporate transactional data and management reports without any hassle and waste of time. These modules help in positive transformation of any enterprise so as to maximize the business potential. They offer total solution to the corporate end-user enabling them to make the right decisions at the right time.


Our corporate training services not only meet the requirements of conventional technical training but  also undertake efforts to meet the growing demand for new skillsets in a rapidly changing business environment.

Our training solutions not only help organizations to recognize, formulate, modify  and execute technical training solutions but provides a platform for innovating and pioneering new methods and processes of training and advanced learning.

Following aspects of our corporate training programs make them indispensable for the industrial organizations:

   * Customised Training
   * Exclusive Batches for Corporate Clients.
   * Highly experienced and qualified  Instructors.
   * Most up-to-date content for the programmes
   * Pre training planning
   * Post training support
   * State of the art Laboratory environment.


NEXSOFTT LAMP programmers have extensive experience in open source technologies like:

   * Joomla, OS ā€“ Commerce, Zen Cart, Apache, BOA (Embedded Web Server), Linux, uClinux (Embedded Linux), PHP, MySQL and PostGreSQL, AJAX & AJAX Frameworks, OsCommerce, PHP CMS, ZenCart, Joomla, phpBB, Rubby on rails, Smarty, Perl, Python.
   * Adoption of SOA environment for enterprise integration
   * Strong knowledge of Object Oriented Programming and methodologies
   * Linux/Unix expertise