Next Generation MRI is a full body MRI diagnostic medical imaging center dedicated to providing referring physicians the diagnostic information they need to effectively treat their patients. Along with our team of sub-specialty trained radiologists, we provide expert diagnostic MRI studies of the brain, neck, back, joints, and body in a completely open MRI environment that virtually eliminates claustrophobic concerns.

Next Generation MRI provides this level of diagnostic clarity in a totally open and comfortable environment. For most studies, the patient literally walks in, sits down, and receives an MRI scan while watching television or a movie of choice. The patient leaves with the images in hand and their physician receives a final report from our radiologists by the next morning or sooner if needed.

Next Generation MRI has become a valued resource for regional physicians and is dedicated to providing the very best service possible, every step of the way.

http://www.NextGenerationMRI.com for additional details.