The Next Door Boys are an up and coming band based in “Music City Nashville”. The band punches above their weight class with a blend of classic and southern rock and their original songs. NDB writes, performs and produces their own music while collaborating across their varied talents.

Their musicianship and skill surprises for their age while their music is a mix between indie rock and that classic rock feel of rhythm & blues. The band was formed in January of 2017 on the back of an advert sent out by founding member and drummer, Matt Skoda. Using the app Nextdoor, the band was joined by keys player Joe Larson and lead guitarist, Miles Morrow. The boys decided that the app and the name had a great back story, and today the Next Door Boys are gigging all over Nashville.

Joined by bassist Kai Foster, guitarist Kyle Harkins and lead singer Ethan Kress, the band has built a solid following while beginning to deliver their own original music to their fans. NDB won the Brentwood Battle of the Bands and opened for Rubiks Groove at the 3,000 person Eddie Arnold Amphitheater In 2019. More recently, they rocked the house at Nashville’s Battle of the Bands at Rocketown, where they placed 2nd against nine other bands, all older than NDB.

The Next Door Boys have a standing gig on Nashville's Broadway and have opened at venues across the city and the region as well as at summer festivals and local events. The band is releasing its new single, “What Did I Do”, which was written by guitarist Miles Morrow, performed by the band and recorded by drummer and producer, Matt Skoda. The band was mentored and assisted by 5-time Grammy winning producer, Steve Bishir.