Executive Summary

Nexus Crypto Services (NCS) is built on the foundation of creating a safe space, focused on bringing positive change to the Cryptosphere, and introducing an easy-to-use platform with design-focused innovative tools, built for everyone!

Nexus was founded by friends while discussing the challenges of DeFi. Since every co-founder faced high entry barriers & faced steep learning curves, losing considerable amounts of money in the process, falling for scams, rug pulls, and all sorts of mischief created by ill-intentioned people, a need for a safe informative space was discovered.
Combining their skills and recruiting a highly motivated and passionate team, Nexus Crypto
Services was born in the summer of 2021.

NCS is building the infrastructure to enable every crypto enthusiast in the space, beginner or veteran, to excel, by equipping them with cutting-edge tools and highly curated information to help them make the best decisions on the blockchain. This includes investing in tokens, researching projects, trading, and much more all while having $NEXUS as a safe and transparent financial backbone of the ecosystem.

1. What is Nexus Crypto Services?

1.1 The Nexus Mission
To enable Crypto Investors to make the best decisions safely in the chaos of the crypto environment by providing powerful trading and analytics tools, exceptional user experience, and educational resources.

1.2 The Nexus Vision
To be the go-to platform for portfolio management, crypto trading, token discovery, and education in DeFi — generating value for holders and investors.

1.3 A brief history of the birth of Nexus Crypto Services
Nexus Crypto Services (NCS) is a group of highly motivated people with extensive backgrounds in their respective fields, focused on bringing positive change to the cryptosphere through the continuous development of innovative tools, products, and services.

Nexus was officially founded in the summer of 2021 after about a year of market research & competitor analysis by a bunch of like-minded friends.

1.4 The Nexus Ecosystem
For that reason, we believe that every crypto enthusiast (noob or experienced) should be equipped with cutting-edge tools and highly curated information to make the best decision while investing in tokens, researching projects, making trades, and creating NFTs.

This is why the Nexus Ecosystem will consist of a few tightly interlocking product lines and services:

The $NEXUS token (Launched 2021):
The $NEXUS token will be the financial backbone of the entire Nexus Ecosystem allowing for a tight integration of financial flows across all product lines. In addition to having a transparent financial flow, it allows for ecosystem membership levels based on holdings which in turn will give the user/holder access to advanced tools, perks & discounts.

Nexus Folio (Launched 2021):
A set of tools designed to improve the trading experience in a decentralized market with integrated education materials for top-notch decision-makers. Folio aims to be the central place for all things crypto with portfolio management tools, in-app charting, swaps & a cross-chain bridge (coming soon), and much more.

NexyBuyBot (Launched 2021):
A multi-functional bot built for project owners & crypto communities to easily integrate various Nexus charting & portfolio tools within their social chats like Telegram.

The Consortium (Launched 2022):
Providing a safe environment for a community of project owners, crypto enthusiasts, and crypto marketers where sharing information and tools are the focal points, ensuring the general growth of the crypto community.

Nexus EDU (Currently in Beta):
A learning center to lower the entry barriers and reduce the effort needed to start in the world of crypto, tightly integrated with our Nexus Folio product line ensuring an all-in-one solution for all your crypto needs.

Nexus KRE8:
A platform that empowers artists and creators to create and mint their own NFT collections while providing NFT collectors a safe way to backup and secure their digital possessions making sure an NFT can live on forever.