Nexus Property Management™ offers property management in Rhode Island & Southeastern Massachusetts. We are a locally owned and operated property management & realty investment company. We provide professional property management services for real estate owners that include Tenant Placement, Rent Collections, Maintenance, Tenant Communications, Online Payments, Marketing and 24 hour service. Nexus Property Management™ also offers investment advice, property analysis, and profit forecasts for those looking to invest in real estate or owners looking to add to their portfolio. Our mission is to provide a good value and a great place to live for our tenants, while creating exceptionally performing assets and increased equity for our clients. This is how Nexus Property Management™ is “Connecting You To Better Living.”

After a decade of real estate management and investing, we have decided to offer our expertise and services to other property owners in Rhode Island & Southeastern Massachusetts . Nexus Property Management™ brings years of experience. With practices and procedures perfected over time we are able to increase equity for our clients while simultaneously providing great service to our tenants. This efficiency allows us to provide a better experience for tenants and owners than many companies who don’t invest themselves. Most real estate companies are primarily brokerages and focus on sales, with property management often being a small side business for them if they even offer it. Because we are property owners ourselves, we bring an eye for detail with a foresight to handle potential problems and issues, many times before they arise. Property management is our business. This is why you will get great management and peace of mind from contracting our services. We are the company that will give your properties the attention they deserve and "Connect You To Better Living".

Nexus Property Management™ can greatly benefit any property owner, but you may especially want to consider hiring Nexus Property Management™ if any of the following things are true:

You live further than a few minutes away from your rental property
You are not, or dont want to become a home maintenance guru
You would rather spend your free time on things other than tasks related to your rental property
You dislike phone calls at 2am about a broken pipe and can not be available 24/7 in case of emergency
You don’t have a good working knowledge of landlord-tenant law
You don’t ever want to have to worry about dealing with difficult or non-paying tenants

Call Nexus Property Management™ today at (401) 288-1117 for further information.