Northampton, UK – October 25, 2007 – The Recycling Supermarket at www.RecyclingSupermarket.com has officially come out of beta. Site owner, Nicholas Tate, has also announced the addition and launch of a recycling directory onsite, providing detailed information and contacts for UK businesses offering products and services related to the recycling, waste management and environmental industries. The site aims to provide information on recycling in an easy-to-understand and consumer-friendly fashion to aid businesses and individuals in their quest to live a “greener” lifestyle.
“I originally had an idea to produce a recycling magazine for local businesses, providing tips and guides to help [people] recycle and reduce waste,” says Tate, creator of the Recycling Supermarket and directory. “However, I realised that instead of producing a paper-based magazine, [a website] would be more accessible to a much wider audience, it could be frequently updated, and [it] would be a lot more eco-friendly than a printed version.”
Although the site has spent the last several months in a beta / development phase, it is already one of the fastest growing websites in the industry. The introduction of the new recycling directory is an effort to allow new and existing visitors to connect more directly with businesses offering products and services they’re searching for to fill their waste management needs, while serving as a resource for businesses to reach out to a growing, highly targeted, and eco-aware audience.
Recycling Supermarket also offers a free email newsletter to help eco-conscious subscribers keep up to date with legislation changes and recycling and environmental news, while offering free recycling tips for businesses and consumers.
About Recycling Supermarket
RecyclingSupermarket.com is a one-stop-shop information service for up-to-date news, information and guides on everything to do with recycling, waste management and the environment. The site, originally launched in May 2007, came out of beta with the addition of a recycling directory in October 2007. The site’s founder, Nicholas Tate, has worked as a member of the waste management industry for over ten years, and offers recycling information in a consumer-friendly way.
For more information about the Recycling Supermarket and recycling directory, please visit www.RecyclingSupermarket.com, or contact Nicholas Tate at 07919 387231.