Dr. Nick Campos is a teacher, healer and inspirer of people—a futurist and visionary.  Using his power to predict trends in health, medicine, business and interactions of the body, mind and spirit, Dr. Campos has been helping people prepare to enter a new world that they are creating by understanding how to efficiently integrate themselves with technology, all while maintaining a deep connection to their human nature. As an avid student of philosophy, psychology, sociology and human dynamics, Dr. Campos has been studying interpersonal relations and influence for well over a decade. He has discovered a universal order to the art of human influence, as applicable to the modern technology-driven virtual worlds of today, as it has been in the real face-to-face world we’ve interacted in for centuries. Dr. Campos hopes to inspire, entertain and empower his readers to become the magnetic forces they are meant to be—so that they may sway others in their quest to making the world a better place.