Nightingale Group LLC was founded 6 years ago by Marcy Venezia, BA, BSN, MBA, RN to solve the problems of school paperwork for nurses, secretaries and parents. A team of talented US designers, programmers and web designers have created GleeWorks an innovative solutions to automate the distribution and processing of paper forms and notices.

GleeWorks is a green solution used by parents, student, practitioners and school administrators including, nurses, secretaries and coaches. GleeWorks is an efficient way to share and update medical and non medical information about students. Everyone benefits from less paperwork and real time information for a fraction of the costs of paper systems.

Parents fill out about 25 forms per year for one student, and schools spend about 9 hours per child to process these forms.  Using GleeWorks Online Interactive Forms with e-signature, automatic form tracking, specialized email, and address label system, it takes only about 3 hours.  

Report on form data while keeping sensitive information confidential. Import to other databases or use the web services API to automatically synchronize data between two databases.

The Electronic Health Record works seamlessly with medical forms to ensure that allergy and emergency information is always current. Manage sick visits, schedule or chart medications or care.